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iStock_000003145258XSmallDRY CLEANING

The term Dry Cleaning is a misnomer.  Textile items are actually placed in a machine similar to a highly technical wash machine and cleaned in a liquid solution.  Where the term “dry” comes to play is the fact that these machines do not use any water.  Instead, they use solvents as the cleaning solution combined with special detergents.  In 2008, we purchased a new, environmentally-friendly Dry Cleaning machine.  This machine uses no harmful chemicals or solvents, instead utilizing all natural Hydrocarbon fluids as the cleaning solution.  As always, we care not only for our customers, but for the world we live in as well.


We have drop-off and pick-up locations from Glacier Park to the West and Glasgow to the East.  Contact us for all your household textiles and personal clothing needs.  If we can’t service it, we will do our best to find someone who can.

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Like Dry Cleaning, our facilities have been continuously modifying and upgrading to provide our customers with the best technology available.  From computer-controlled and fully-automated wet cleaning machines to technologically advanced shirt finishing equipment, we pride ourselves on safety and an employee-friendly work environment, all while providing our customers with the highest-quality product at the lowest possible cost.

iStock_000009325084XSmallTAILORING & ALTERATIONS

In addition to Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services, we have on staff a full-time seamstress for all your alteration and/or garment repair requirements.

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