A male medical practitioner in a uniform and a patient in hospitWe offer service and supply to all kinds of healthcare facilities from hospitals to local doctor offices and from dentists to surgeons. We have been serving the healthcare industry with specific knowledge of regulations and compliance issues that help the medical industry focus more on their patients and less on managing less important things like gowns, towels, and bedding.

We provide the highest quality table linens, kitchen linens, chef apparel, and casino linens to help enhance the image of any restaurant, lounge, casino, or family diner. Microfiber towels for lint free wiping, spun polyester napkins and table clothes, aprons, and even anti-fatigue safety matting for the workers who make the business run. We offer a full line of products and services for the food and entertainment industry.

At Northern Montana Textile Services, we offer the following types of linens:

  • Hospital/Healthcare Linens
  • Table Linens for:
    • Bars
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Weddings and more!


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